About us

We are a group of hackers, inventors and makers in Sacramento, CA, who love lacto-fermented food. So we invented a unique process, tools and jigs for making fermented red cabbage, beets and ginger in Mason jars. It is a cross between sauerkraut and cole slaw so we call it Sauer Slaw. It is fermented with precision in a Mason jar during the entire process and not exposed to air until opened to enjoy. Sauer Slaw is not mushy, uniquely crunchy and loaded with anti-oxidants. Besides tasting great, Sauer Slaw is also good for digestive and gut health.

We showcased Sauer Slaw at the 2019 Rocklin, CA Maker Faire with great success. We sold out at the 2019 UpCyclePop Holiday Market in Sacramento.  Currently, Sauer Slaw is available at Corti Brothers market in Sacramento.  We are hard at work to ramp up production and do more demos in Northern California in 2020. Please sign up to receive notice of upcoming events and cooking classes in your area.